moving to nyc

big life event happened! i graduated from uc berkeley and moved to the greater new york area for work. work has nothing to do with photography, but i’m excited to be in this area to grow my photography and hopefully my creative network along with it. i already feel so inspired being in this area and meeting people who i’m planning to shoot with. 

the other day was my first *official* shoot in the city with @sincerelykamille on ig. she was so sweet and i was so happy with the result of the shoot since i feel like i haven’t taken photos in a while.

excited to see where this coming year will take me.


a friend came to visit my hometown this past week and was inspired to take photos. good thing - because it rubbed off on me and allowed me to see my hometown in a new perspective. i never take photos at home, but i was very happy with these. 

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